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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Letter from Publisher

In living fully, we all inevitably struggle, stumble and fall. In her book Rising Strong, social scientist Brene Brown explores the commonalities shared among those that overcome adversity and emerge, enriched by their struggles, to lead more fulfilling lives. Brown discovered that such people embrace the power of their emotions and lean into pain and discomfort. She asserts that in reckoning with our emotions, we reach our truth.

In one of his many uplifting talks, spiritual teacher Matt Kahn said that some of the cruelest words another person can say to us, and something we have all heard at some point in our lives, is “Get over it.” Whether we are lingering in pain over the loss of a relationship, grieving missed opportunities, or struggling with unresolved childhood traumas, these words cut to our core and dishonor our experience and personal truth. Men have the additional cultural challenge of being told, from a very early age, to “man up.”

This issue explores the topic of resiliency. April Thompson’s article, “Rising Above Adversity: How to Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle,” describes how individuals may do more than simply bounce back after experiencing various emotional, mental or physical traumas. Rather, we may expand and grow by giving, practicing gratitude and forgiveness, taking responsibility for our own lives, creating strong social networks, and having a sense of purpose.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to not get over it. “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do,” notes Brown. We honor ourselves by instead leaning into our feelings, respecting our emotions, feeling the pain, and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. These choices empower us to whole-heartedly and soulfully step into new, expanded lives.

Here’s to finding and owning our truth,

Gabriella Buchnik, Publisher