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Pat Molter

Alive n Vibrant Superfoods

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Pat Molter

Alive n Vibrant Superfoods

Alive n Vibrant
Milwaukee, WI 54217

Feel Alive and Vibrant no matter what your health history

“At Alive n Vibrant, we help people of all ages and health levels feel truly alive and vibrant by providing their bodies the nutrition they need in a form they can more easily digest.”

These 100% organic superfood powders were developed by Pat Molter, holistic wellness expert and certified aromatherapist, who was unexpectedly diagnosed with colon cancer twelve years ago. She was declared cancer free months after incorporating superfoods and raw eating into her diet.

Molter launched Alive n Vibrant and offers the same nutrient-dense, locally-made powders she developed during her cancer treatments. Each optimal blend of vitamins and mineral enhances your nutrition, helps you stay full, and can aid in one’s weight loss journey.

Ingredients in our 100% pure, nutrient-dense superfood powders are dried at low heat to preserve their integrity and to provide a source of nutrients to enhance bioavailability for easier digestion and absorption. Simply add to smoothies, soups, juices, and other healthy foods.

All our lovingly-made, small-batch powders are: • 100% absorbable • Vegetarian/ vegan • No fat, low carb • Filler-free • Easily blended • Alkalizing • Caffeine-free • Ideal for weight loss • High in soluble fiber, antioxidants, essential and trace minerals and vitamins

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Pat Molter a cancer THRIVER. She is a light in this world who thru her challenges teaches others to prevent and live a full life. Her products are delicious, even my dog eats the protein powder I sprinkle on her food daily. Grateful or her pure delicious solutions to live life in full effect!

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100% Organic Superfood Powders locally made in Milwaukee in small batches. Nutrient dense, vegan, ideal for weight loss. High in fiber, antioxidants and vitamins.

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