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Jun 30, 2016 04:03PM ● By Sheila Julson

Tricia Hoehn

Tricia Hoehn has been on both sides of the healthcare equation—as an occupational therapist (OT) working in a hospital setting, and as an anxious patient facing a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Those experiences convinced her that personal empowerment is a critical component of good health care, and they led her to open a wellness spa, Lotus Be Well, to help others find their own strengths and a path to renewed vitality.

Hoehn, a native of West Bend, Wisconsin, says three years as an OT at St. Mary’s Hospital (now Columbia St. Mary’s) left her frustrated that patients were not given more tools to maintain their health. “I enjoyed working in OT,” she says, “but I got burned out very quickly on Western medicine: all the red tape, documentation and reactionary treatment focus—it didn’t sit well with me. I felt like I was just patching people up and sending them home, but not helping them be well for the future.”

She faced the same frustration as a cancer patient, until she became a partner in her treatment by choosing to try some alternative methods. Reclaiming power over her own care was pivotal in her return to health, she says.

After leaving the workforce to raise her children, Hoehn became intrigued by holistic health care and discovered energy medicine, which allowed her to use her OT training while moving in an alternative health direction. She became certified in computerized bioenergetic testing, a form of biofeedback used to evaluate individual health issues. “This was the missing piece,” she recalls. “I had found a great treatment modality, but was missing the evaluation component.”

Computerized bioenergetic testing typically leads to a supplement protocol that can be overwhelming for clients to maintain, Hoehn says. Drawing upon her knowledge of energy medicine and the holistic aspects of occupational therapy, she created a new way to use this testing. Rather than targeting the body’s biochemistry, it focuses “upstream” on the health of the client’s energetic system and the individual interplay of physiology, psychology, environment, nutrition and lifestyle. Hoehn also pioneered several new energy medicine modalities, including the Vitality Boost and Multi-Sensory PowerNap.

Lotus Be Well LogoIn October 2015, she opened Lotus Be Well with Julie Bernarde, a licensed esthetician; Teresa Lopez, a licensed practical nurse and detoxification specialist; and Elizabeth Palmer, a nutrition consultant. Located in downtown Hartford, the spa offers an array of holistic technologies and services, including the new Vitality Brain Spa and the Wellness Pro Plus electrotherapy system, vitamin D light therapy, Amethyst BioMats and an aromatherapy oxygen bar. It also offers Hoehn’s custom-made essential oil blends and “energized” art and accessories.

Many of the spa’s services are available on a walk-in basis; self-service sessions typically run 20 to 30 minutes and cost $15. There are also complimentary sessions for new health technologies. “We want people to have access to effective innovations in health care and discover natural ways to care for themselves and their families,” Hoehn says.

Lotus Be Well brims with positive energy, and Hoehn says she’s just as energized by the ambiance of the Hartford community. The spa is part of the downtown Hartford Business Improvement District, and Hoehn’s team plans to connect with other wellness professionals in the area for cross-referrals and to organize a fall health expo. Events like spa parties are also on the horizon.

“We have so much to offer, but we are never complacent,” Hoehn says. “We know there are always new health innovations to explore and other beneficial services; in fact, we are already looking to expand our team to give our clients even more choices.”  

The goal, she says, is to provide the tools and education for people to take control of their health and live with renewed vitality. “If we can help others overcome fear, feel empowered to take charge of their own health and achieve wellness as I have, I feel we will have done a great service.”

Lotus Be Well is located at 75 N. Main St., Hartford. For more information, call 262-457-2222 or visit

Sheila Julson is a Milwaukee-area freelance writer and regular contributor to Natural Awakenings.

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