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New Children’s Book Illustrated by Students

Author Scott Stoll has released his newest children’s book, The Cupcake Boy, illustrated by students at Amy Belle Elementary School, in Colgate, WI. The Cupcake Boy is the story of a boy that makes the most beautiful and tasty cupcakes in the world. But the villagers where he lives take the boy for granted. Disheartened, he leaves his home, wondering: “Why should I bake cupcakes for a world that doesn’t love me?”

After bicycling around the world and telling thousands of students his own story about living his dreams, Stoll wanted to involve more kids in his work. So, with the help of inspirational teachers such as Kate Krzysik at Amy Belle Elementary, he began to work with schools as an author-in-residence. Together, he and the students create dreams and turn them into educational, inspirational and entertaining books.

“We all share the challenge of living the life of our dreams,” Stoll says. This project, he adds, teaches kids how to turn their dreams into reality. It demonstrates that the end product, such as passing a test or winning an award, is not the solution to life, but that participating in life (including getting your hands dirty and making mistakes) is the solution. In other words, it shows students how to find their inner passion, take a step of action and build wholesome communities. It also helps develop a love for reading, he adds.

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