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Get Help Starting a Yard Garden

Will Allen

Economic challenges make home gardening as relevant now as it was during World War II, and access to great gardening products and helpful organizations make it easy to achieve today. Growing Power and The Green Team of Wisconsin have joined forces to launch the 20,000 Backyard Gardens Initiative. The two companies provide compost, seeds, transplants, raised beds and other landscape services to backyard gardeners. They help homeowners design yard gardens, from basic row gardening (mounds) to innovative raised beds with bench seats, and complete landscapes that focus on edibles. Costs vary according to garden size and customizable options.

Growing Power reclaims food waste that would otherwise go into a landfill and then mixes it with wood chips and other waste sources high in carbon to create nutrient-rich soil for starting gardens. Every yard of compost purchased from Growing Power reduces an estimated 1,500 pounds of food waste from entering landfills.

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