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Body Memory Recall Balances Body and Mind

Nov 28, 2011 09:52PM ● By Dan Schmidt

Dan Schmidt working with a patient to stretch her lower abdominal muscles and open the pelvic floor

Body Memory Recall is a form of therapeutic bodywork that integrates four mind-body therapy techniques: myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, visceral memory release and unwinding.  Collectively, these techniques comprehensively treat the effects of body memory and maximize a person's innate self-healing abilities to release it. Jonathon Tripodi, founder of Body Memory Recall (BMR) explains “Body memory is that which is incomplete, seeking to complete itself. It contains those aspects of life of which we are afraid."

According to BMR theory, when an experience is perceived as threatening or overwhelming, the body’s nervous system sends a message to the muscles to take action. When it is not possible to act on the message for whatever reason, the body’s next reaction is to freeze. Tension in the body creates areas of hardness, pain and constriction and decreases range of motion. Over a long period of time, the body adjusts to this tension, and symptoms of disease, disorder and illness begin. Many times, symptoms begin after an emotionally traumatic event. Anger, sorrow, grief, joy and fear, which are stored because of the freeze response, begin to manifest as symptoms of imbalance in the body.

In his book, Waking the Tiger, Psychologist Dr. Peter Levine, describes how humans can remain in the freeze response long after the threatening or overwhelming experience has passed, which is why many people remain ill, despite medical or pharmaceutical intervention, professional therapy, exercise and smart lifestyle choices. Most modern medical techniques are incapable of releasing the freeze response because it maintains muscle guarding, even during sleep.

Body Memory Recall provides a safe, non-judgmental space in which each patient can fully release experiences from their past. Through gentle stretching of the myofascial system, dynamic, active release can be achieved. Disorders not responding to conventional therapies often resolve using the Body Memory approach. Body Memory Recall integrates completely with all forms of medical intervention and works especially well with talk therapy.

Everyone experiences moments of freezing in his or her life. We are constantly overstimulated by both internal and external forces, and difficult cases may not respond to therapy, most likely due to tension in the body's tissue systems. Such cases may have histories of sexual abuse, violence, post-traumatic stress disorder, past traumatic events, depression, anxiety, digestive problems, headaches, migratory bodily pain, accidents and surgical trauma. These symptoms of bodily tension can all be effectively treated and eliminated using Body Memory Recall.


Simply Acupuncture, A Community Clinic, is located at 4805 W. National Ave., West Milwaukee. Dan Schmidt is a licensed acupuncturist and Body Memory therapist. For more information about Body Memory Recall or to make an appointment, call 414- 688-6823 or 414-380-9749.

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