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VIBE Yoga, Health & Fitness: Fostering a Positive Wellness Community

Jul 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
Vibe Yoga MKE

L-R: Carly Chertos, Samantha Drum.

Back when personal trainers Samantha Drum and Carly Chertos worked together at a local fitness studio, they developed their own “community within a community”. Drum referred clients to Chertos for specialized fitness classes, and Chertos referred hers to Drum for yoga and stretching instruction. Clients began suggesting to the pair that they open their own studio; that, and changes at the place they worked eventually led them to form VIBE Yoga, Health & Fitness (Vibe).

In January of 2019, the new studio was opened with an eye toward bringing a “downtown” vibe to the Brookfield area. “We wanted an encompassing approach toward wellness, yoga, fitness, personal training, nutrition and meditation,” Drum explains. “Fitness is not just about looking a certain way. It’s about a lifestyle.”

Vibe offers an array of small group classes as well as appointment-only fitness and yoga programs. One-on-one personal training is available, along with nutritional consultation. There are also two massage therapists on staff.

The fitness classes offer encouragement and personalized attention while meeting everyone where they’re at. The Vibe-X8 class is designed to yield maximum benefits in a short amount of time with eight rounds of exercise, each comprised of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Vibe HIIT keeps the heart rate up through resistance training as well as lightweight and bodyweight movements. Vibe Power focuses on strength and conditioning, and Vibe Shred builds lean muscle through resistance training. There’s also Vibe Cardio-Kickboxing, which incorporates Thai pads into different kick-boxing techniques.

Various yoga offerings include Vibe Flow-45, a condensed version of vinyasa yoga; Vibe Yoga-Trapeze, in which mat-based yoga poses are done on a yoga trapeze in order to develop upper body and core strength; and Vibe Gentle Flow, a slow-paced yoga which focuses on strengthening and stretching.

Virtual Vibe On-Demand was developed during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns to offer the Vibe community a way to work out at home. “When COVID hit, we went completely virtual. We had a large number of recordings of our classes, so we just uploaded them to our system,” Drum explains. Upon reopening after the pandemic shutdowns, the virtual classes remained a popular option for people not in the Waukesha area, or for those that could not make it to the studio, so Drum and Chertos kept the offering.

Vibe also offers health and wellness products, such as cannabidiol (CBD) balms, salves and tinctures, and a line of workout apparel with the stylish Vibe logo. Drum and Chertos also offer customized corporate wellness programs.

“We are all about building up a community,” Drum emphasizes. “When you walk in, you’re not just walking into a gym. We have a welcoming, home-like feeling with a personal touch. Everybody knows one another, from members to instructors, and people feel like they’re not just a number. We get people that are committed to a lifestyle and keeping an open mind.”

The Vibe team also leads classes and events throughout the community. They hosted Wellness Wednesdays at The Corners of Brookfield which included yoga outside Goddess and the Baker, a bakery and coffee shop within the shopping center.

“Meeting all these people and seeing them grow motivates me the most,” Drum concludes. “I enjoy watching people smile when they leave the studio.”

VIBE Yoga Health Fitness is located at 180 Kossow Rd., Waukesha. For more information, call 262-788-9147 or visit to access the library of Vibe yoga and fitness classes for $9.99 per month.

Sheila Julson is a freelance writer and regular contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine.