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4 Ways Nutrition 
Links to Skin Health

Mar 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Maggie Schaetzel
The skin relationship to nutrition begins with absorption. When nutrients aren’t absorbed, skin cells, collagen, elastin and muscles cannot be built properly, and normal skin functions cannot be carried out. The current “state of being” determines whether or not a body is absorbing nutrients. In a sympathetic state (stressful situation) the body severely lacks nutrient absorption. The most nutrient-dense diets are null and void if the body is not in a parasympathetic state. Below are some issues that can affect nutrient absorption, and thus, skin health.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Sugar causes cross-linking, which means that healthy proteins abnormally stick together and get weighed down. This is referred to as glycation (cross-hatched wrinkling) and can happen at any age, but commonly happens in mature skin. Sugar also causes inflammation in the skin, which is linked to common skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, dermatitis and eczema.

Mineral Balance

Foods today lack minerals. Minerals are needed to create enzymatic reactions that help skin cells function. Minerals assist in digestion and wound healing.

Essential Fatty Acids

Saturated and unsaturated fat build strong and permeable cell membranes to facilitate nutrient infusion and waste flushing, and fat creates a healthy lipid bi-layer. Healthy fat contributes to a good flow of sebum (fatty secretions), as well as a healthy acid mantle that reduces trans-epidermal water loss (dehydrated skin).


The skin is the last organ to receive hydration. Lack of hydration results in impaired enzyme activity, stagnant lymph, sluggish blood flow and thick sebum.

A skin condition can represent something deeper than what’s happening on the surface. A holistic approach to skin care takes into consideration the state of the person’s being, nutritional intake, pathogens/toxins and overall lifestyle.

A sufficient intake of water, minerals and healthy fats, balanced with minimal consumption of added sugars, is a great place to start for overall wellness and glowing, healthy skin.

Maggie Schaetzel, holistic nutritionist and licensed aesthetician, is the owner of Aesthetically Well, Milwaukee’s first holistic med spa. Her team of licensed professionals specialize in custom skin care and nutrition using a holistic approach to beauty and wellness that is backed by science. For more information, call 414-331-8852 or visit