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Reiki for Self-Care

Apr 30, 2021 08:30AM ● By Cindy Carlson


When it comes to keeping the mind and body balanced and clear, self-care is a very important part of the equation. We feel better and are more prepared to have caring relationships with others when we take care of ourselves. Self-care fills us with love, keeping us strong and centered so that we can handle daily stresses and obstacles, and gives us the tools to keep calm and relaxed no matter what life throws our way. The loving and vibrant energy of reiki is a wonderful form of self-care.

When the nervous system is fired up, the “fight, flight or freeze” response kicks in and adrenaline surges through the body. This makes us feel anxious, nervous, tense or even panicked. The nervous system needs to relax, and in some cases, be retrained or reset to be less sensitive to everyday stresses and disturbances. Reiki calms the nervous system, allowing one to relax and heal at a very deep level.

Illness, trauma, injuries or negative emotions can create blocks or stagnant energy. Reiki is an intelligent energy that helps us connect to our own innate healing by allowing us to move through and free up those blocks. The body is very intelligent—the heart beats, the blood flows, and the food digests, and we do not need to think about any of these processes as the intelligent energy of the body takes care of all this on its own. This intelligence knows what is needed to heal. Reiki allows the innate healing to occur through deep relaxation, assisting the body to move energy more freely and completely. As energy moves more freely, we feel better and our intuition can guide us to what our body needs to heal. This could be activities that would benefit the body or mind, foods that the body needs, practices such as meditation or breathing to help the body, or practitioners that can help us heal. As we are more open to this guidance we can move into greater healing and better overall health.

Limiting patterns and beliefs are another common place for people to get stuck. Anxiety can cause looping thoughts in our minds, often telling stories that are not true or have not happened but keep us in a state of fear or panic. This can hold us back from moving forward in our lives. Reiki can break up these patterns, allowing energy to shift and then align with more positive thoughts and feelings. The more we can break up old patterns, the easier it is to make positive changes in our lives, such as ending self sabotage and self-defeating behaviors so that we can begin to realize our dreams and become more connected into our joy.

Reiki can help us uplift our energy and discover our path of creativity and transformation, causing us to feel inspired in our connection to our higher self or intuition. As we follow this guidance, we feel passionate about life and excited for new endeavors, moving into an expanded awareness of what life is and where it can take us. Giving up the “small mind” allows us to see the world from a larger perspective. As we expand into new places and ideas, we give birth to new possibilities and fuel joy and love on deeper levels, making them a more constant emotion. We are able to feel the wonder and joy of life itself and remove the veil that keeps us from seeing the truly magical world that we are living in. We realize our power when we see that we are the creators of our lives and that we have the freedom to create new experiences—if we are willing to give up the old stories and beliefs that hold us back. Reiki not only calms our fears but also opens the door to our greatest joys.

Allow the gift of reiki and see where the journey takes you. Leave old patterns behind and relax into the new opportunities that are waiting to be discovered and experienced. Reiki can help us put ourselves first so that we can live our best lives. It is a wonderful gift that provides powerful healing and greater balance to improve overall health.

Cindy Carlson is a reiki practitioner at Cindy Carlson Reiki and Energy Healing in Milwaukee offering her clients in-person, distant and group distant healing sessions. Visit her website at for more information or to book a session.