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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Save Our Soils Turns Kitchen Waste into Compost

Save Our Soils, owned by Gretchen Gibb, is a revolutionary food waste management business that focuses on limiting the amount of organic waste that goes into landfills by collecting kitchen scraps from member households in the metro Milwaukee area, and then creating usable Earth-friendly compost with them.

Gibb points out: “Our landfills are getting bigger and bigger by the minute, and it’s taking its toll on our Earth. Thirty percent of the average American’s garbage consists of recyclable food waste. Given that, we can potentially cut our landfill dependency by almost one-third by simply throwing our kitchen scraps in a different bin.

“We’re hoping to inspire readers to make more responsible decisions regarding their food,” she adds. “By educating people and offering a food waste pickup service, we’re making their contribution to the green movement just that much easier.”

Cost: $5 includes weekly waste pickup fee, airtight waste bucket and discounts on natural soil amendments from Save Our Soils. For more information, call 262-389-6499 or email [email protected].