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Shop Smart at Milwaukee Area Farmers Markets and Support Local Community

Jul 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN
Though farmers markets are sometimes perceived as pricey, the value of high-quality food, community impact and strategies to save make farmers markets a more than worthwhile experience. Here are a few key reasons to enjoy local farmers markets this year.

Health is Wealth

Many local farmers are dedicated to sustainable and organic growing practices which means the produce they grow is truly healthier for consumers and for the planet. Though they may cost marginally more, the lack of pesticides, herbicides, GMO crops and artificial additives make each fresh red pepper, juicy melon and head of lettuce better in terms of taste and nutritional value.


By shopping local, food travels a short distance from farm to market, saving on fuel and resources. Some vendors take back jars that their goods come in to reduce waste. Produce tends to come with minimal to no extra packaging. Shoppers are encouraged to bring reusable shopping bags and baskets to carry produce home.

Fresh is Best

Produce at the local markets are usually harvested shortly before coming to market, minimizing time spent in transport or on shelves. The fresher the food, the more nutritional value is retained. It can also be cheaper to buy produce in peak season when supply is more abundant.
Strategic Shopping

By browsing different vendors and getting to know the farmer, shoppers can learn about the food they are buying and can compare prices. Buying in bulk can yield savings, and so can purchasing “imperfect” produce that may have a cosmetic flaw but 100 percent of the nutrition. 

Shop early on hot days and store many foods in a cooler between market and home to help preserve shelf life, maximize nutrition and minimize waste.

Family Fun

Farmers markets are fun activities for the whole family. They tend to be vibrant gathering spaces with smiles and laughter. Some vendors offer samples to try, and parents can help children see and taste fruits and vegetables that grow near their home. Many farmers markets have additional draws such as local music, activities or arts and crafts vendors.

Find Natural Awakenings partners at local farmers markets!

Ruta's MKE: Shorewood Market

Nourish Natural Products: 
Shorewood Market

Alive N Vibrant Superfoods: Greenfield, 
Oak Creek and Shorewood Markets

DNA Hemp: Menomonee Falls, 
Thiensville and West Bend Markets


Milwaukee County

Greenfield Farmers Market

5151 W. Layton Ave.

Shorewood Farmers Market

4100 Estabrook Parkway

West Allis Farmers Market

6501 W National Ave.


Ozaukee County

Port Washington Farmers Market

East Main St. between Franklin and 
 Wisconsin Sts


Thiensville Farmers Market

Thiensville Village Park, 250 Elm St.


Washington County

Hartford Farmers Market

Hartford Recreation Center, 

125 N. Rural St.

West Bend Farmers Market

Blocks surrounding Washington Co. 
Historical Society

6th Ave., Poplar St. and 5th Ave.


Waukesha County

Brookfield Farmers Market

Brookfield Central High School, 

16900 Gebhardt Rd. 


Delafield Farmers Market

Fish Hatchery Sports Complex, 
417 Main St.


Menomonee Falls Farmers Market

Village Park, Appleton Ave. & Garfield Dr.


Mukwonago Farmers Market
933 N Rochester St.