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Complimentary Consultations to Support Digestive and Metabolic Health at Natural Escape

Jun 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Natural Escape LLC, in Mequon, is dedicated to holistic health, metabolic wellness and personalized care. The local wellness center was founded by Chandra Houser who is passionate about helping clients with long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes to enhance digestive and metabolic health.

Grounded in the belief that true wellness transcends quick fixes, Natural Escape offers a range of services designed to nurture the body’s natural healing mechanisms and improve metabolic processes which are crucial for nutrient absorption. Specialized programs are all aimed at boosting immune system function and enhancing vitality. These offerings include:
•  Digestive/Gut healing therapies
•  Massage and Lymphatic Drainage treatments
•  Complimentary Infrared Sauna sessions
•  Open-System Colon Hydrotherapy
•  Add-on services such as Detoxifying Enemas
•  Ionized foot detox cleanses

The wellness center’s unique offerings not only support weight loss, but also contribute to a healthier, more vibrant life by preserving muscle mass and igniting the body’s natural healing responses. The benefits of their programs extend to enhance the fat burning process, digestion and craving management, improved blood sugar regulation and reduced waist circumference. The intention of this initiative is a sustainable path to improve metabolic health, amplify vitality and promote healthy weight management, prioritizing long-term wellness over temporary solutions.

“The secret to enduring health and vitality doesn’t lie in fleeting solutions but in a dedicated, long-term commitment to our metabolic well-being,” Houser explains. “Metabolic processes are the foundation of how our bodies utilize nutrients. Understanding the pivotal role of digestion and metabolic health is the first step towards a life filled with energy, vitality, and wellness at any age.”

Natural Escape LLC takes pride in its holistic approach, providing services in-person in Mequon or through convenient online options. To learn more, or schedule a complimentary consult, contact Chandra Houser at 262-895-5078, email [email protected] or visit