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Evolution Diet Pet Food Celebrates 34 Years of Dedication to Animal Nutrition and Wellness

Mar 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Image from Getty images via Canva Pro

Evolution Diet Pet Food was founded in 1989 by Eric V. Weisman, an internationally awarded scientist and nutrient-botanical practitioner, who had always been passionate about being kind, preserving all animal life and optimizing nutrition for humans and animals alike. Weisman had been a long-time vegetarian running a small rescue shelter for homeless cats, dogs and other animals. His years of university training and background in physiology, pathology, X-ray and nutrient applications for human disease, along with observations in animal illness and veterinary case reviews, made him realize that there must be a better way to feed cats and dogs. Poor-quality products in the pet food industry directly contribute to many pet illnesses, and cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs and cats.

This led Weisman to pioneer a new kind of pet food: nutritionally complete plant-based cat and dog food that would help cats and dogs to live the safest, healthiest and longest lives possible. It was the world’s first plant-based pet food.

Today, Evolution Diet Pet Food is a world leader not only in plant-based cat and dog foods, but in all cat and dog foods, with non-GMO and organic pet food which translates to an even better chance of longer, healthier lives for cats and dogs.

Weisman and Evolution Diet Pet Food are recipients of international awards for excellence and scientific achievement for best cat food, best dog food and best nutrient compounds for disease worldwide, plant-based or otherwise.

For more info or to shop, visit Dr. Eric Weisman can be reached at 651-492-2190.