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Lunar Pathways: 2024 Health & Wellness Guide

Brian Mason
2873 N. 82nd Milwaukee
[email protected]

Workplace Wellness, Career and 
Life Goals, Meditation

Lunar Pathways is your guiding light to workplace wellness & thriving. We equip you with tools & support needed to navigate change, achieve your goals & create a healthier, more vibrant work environment for yourself & those around you.

Areas of specialty:

Brian offers a powerful suite of services focused on discovering your strengths to craft a fulfilling career aligned with your well-being. He utilizes mindfulness, meditation & other practical tools to help reduce stress & anxiety. With a focus on navigating change with confidence, Brian’s clients develop resilience & adaptability to thrive in uncertain times.

Clients can Expect:

Someone dedicated to promoting personal health, harmony and well-being who actively listens before offering thoughtful perspectives. I focus on delivering practical solutions & insights about complex issues or opportunities. I believe when we take time to periodically reflect & reset, we can better align values with actions in a way that energizes. My aim is to uplift and inspire.

“Navigating change shouldn’t come at the cost of your well-being. We are your trusted partner in navigating the dynamic landscape of today’s workplace, while prioritizing your mental and emotional health.”