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The Clarity Collab: Holistic-Based Trauma Coaching

Dec 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
As a retired emergency first responder, Christine Bannister-Welch of The Clarity Collab is no stranger to trauma. During her 27-year career as a firefighter, paramedic and 911 dispatch supervisor, she found it necessary to process trauma on the healing journey.

This inspired launch of Christine Jean Coaching in 2021, with a focus on helping others heal. That venture transitioned to The Clarity Collab, which offers holistic-based trauma coaching in person at the Guild of Modern Wellness, and virtually for groups, couples or individuals.

“My vision is to offer clients a more effective path toward navigating life,” she explains. “Healing is a holistic journey and we must engage the three pillars: mental, physical and spiritual.” She teaches strategies that help clients face their traumas, rather than run from them.

“Trauma doesn’t get better, it gets buried,” she affirms. “Let’s deal with it. Post-traumatic stress doesn’t have to be something that haunts you.”

Bannister-Welch emphasizes that life coaching is forward-focused and action-oriented. She’s certified through The FEW Institute of Certified Coaches. She holds certifications in Trauma & Abuse Recovery, Crisis intervention and Critical Incident Stress Management. She’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology and life coaching.

“I am a survivor. I know trauma,” she concludes. “I’m not afraid to step into your chaos and lead the way out.”

Bannister-Welch’s holiday special, 3 to Thrive, is a fast-action coaching package designed to reduce holiday stress and anxiety. Start with a Free Discovery Session  and use code: AWAKENINGS for 50 percent off. Schedule a session at