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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

June 2023 Publisher Letter

Jun 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek

Jordan Peschek, RN, Publisher

“Summer is a splashy reward after winter wears out its welcome. Spring barely has time to shake blossoms from her hair before we plunge headfirst into summer plans: vacations, barbecues and home improvement. As birds and humans go about their inspired tasks, bees and butterflies dive into their own nectarous agenda.
    There is no arguing that we all wake up feeling a little bit younger as the days burn longer. Pulling weeds from the garden, deadheading the zinnias, digging our toes into wet sand and picking up sustenance at the local farmers market bring us back to our primal rhythm. We are more inclined to throw our cares to the wind and lean out of life’s open car window on the way to nowhere in particular. We do not need a plane ticket to exotic shores to find our bliss, only curiosity to explore our own backyards and fall in love with our familiar, well-worn lives.”
This beautiful reflection by Marlaina Donato—author, painter and composer—sums up many of the thoughts and feelings that surface as I sit in my own summer ponderings.

How blessed are we to both Do and Be? There is a natural rhythm to the world and our lives, and the energy of the summer season inspires us to both Do the things that excite and energize us, and also tap into our nature to Be, to simply pause and exist like a cat basking in the sun.
What makes you feel whole?
What excites you?
What grounds you?
How do you bring these elements into your life?
A huge variety of things help me to feel fully alive, whole and grounded. These include a balance of Doing and Being.

I love to spend time with family, practice yoga and meditation, exercise in nature, draw or write. I also value summer weather (sun, rain and storms alike) and grounding places (like the shade of lush, green trees), or sitting by a lake or bubbling stream. I love to get my hands dirty in the garden or walk barefoot in the grass. I enjoy a lifestyle that emphasizes natural and clean living and I feel best when I take care of myself, such as taking time for a massage, sauna, light therapy or a warm bath in order to re-center.

We hope you feel inspired and empowered as you read this issue to find more ways you can Be, and more things you can Do, to honor your whole, authentic, divinely masculine and feminine self.

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher