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Langlois’ Vital Nutrition Center: Supporting Natural Health Since 1946

Mar 01, 2023 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
In 1946, Les and Bertha Langlois were doing what few people in Milwaukee did at that time—promoting natural and holistic lifestyles. Their stores, Langlois’ Health Food Marts, sold groceries and some supplements like dehydrated beet tablets, alfalfa pills and herbal teas. They hosted lectures by wellness pioneer Paul Bragg, of apple cider vinegar fame. Today, their grandson, Jeffrey Langlois, a clinical nutritionist and traditional naturopath, is continuing their vision of natural wellness through nutrition.

In 2018, Langlois’ Vital Nutrition Center moved from their long-time home in Wauwatosa to a spacious new location in Brookfield. The move allowed them to expand their nutritional counseling services, and add complementary modalities such as detoxifying footbaths and foot reflexology. Doctor of Chiropractic Pete Geary rents space at the center. A retail component offers supplement brands including Wisconsin’s own Standard Process, and CellCore Biosciences detoxification support.

Jeffrey studied nutrition through Trinity School of Natural Health, American Health Science University and Ulan Nutritional Systems. As a traditional naturopath, he consults clients on finding root causes behind why they’re fatigued or have poor digestion. “Often, the cause is going to be either nutritional deficiencies, or toxicity in the form of environmental toxins,” he explains. “Chemical toxicities are in everyone’s bodies these days. Most of us have been poisoned by mold, parasites, radiation, synthetic chemicals in processed food and other environmental toxins.”

Through tools such as quantum nutrition testing (a system of muscle testing) and hair tissue mineral analysis, Jeffrey, along with senior nutritionist Drew Detzner, can help a client pinpoint where their health issues lie. Hair analysis testing can detect the presence of five heavy metals, along with the presence of 15 minerals.

“It’s an affordable way to have all those levels analyzed,” Jeffrey notes. It can also detect thyroid function in the cells. “Bloodwork measures the thyroid hormone in the blood, but is it working inside the muscles in the body? You could have plenty of thyroid hormone, but it might not be getting delivered into the tissues.”

The IonCleanse detoxifying footbath is a therapeutic tool in which users soak their feet in a bath of ionized water. Jeffrey says that this can assist the body with releasing toxins through the pores of the feet. Foot reflexology, offered by Bethany Gariepy, is a massage to the bottom of the feet to stimulate the foot’s myriad reflexive nerves. Gariepy trained through the International Institute of Reflexology and is certified in hand and foot reflexology.

Using a variety of specialized chiropractor treatments, Geary combines chiropractic care with nutrition to help his patients with conditions such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, sciatica and other injuries. He graduated with cum laude honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Iowa, and is a trained emergency medical technician.

With 40 years of nutritional training and experience, Jeffrey and his staff strive to help their clients restore their bodies’ natural ability to be well. “The body is designed to be healthy,” he affirms. “We need vitamins, minerals and good food, and in today’s world, detoxification does wonders to change people’s lives.”

Langlois’ Vital Nutrition Center is located at 16655 Wisconsin Ave., Brookfield. For more information, call 414-453-4070 or visit