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Jack Cincotta: 
Holistic Health Practitioner Providing Mental Health Guidance 
for the Modern World

Aug 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Sheila Julson
Jack Cincotta has seen a lot of people struggle to survive and thrive in today’s world—himself included. Realizing that many physical and emotional health issues stem from unnatural lifestyles, he combined his background and education in psychology with holistic health training to form a comprehensive holistic health practice that specializes in mental health.

“My personal experience and significant educational background in mental health issues allows me to provide very detailed and individualized holistic health solutions for people struggling with anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns,” Cincotta says. He has a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Capella University and he’s a board-certified holistic health practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. He also has worked as a behavioral treatment technician with the Wisconsin Early Autism Project.

Cincotta’s approach is to always start with a basic evaluation and then troubleshoot for more specific issues to create a goal-oriented action plan. “I make sure my clients are eating a proper, nutrient-rich diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep and managing stress through meditation and other exercises,” Cincotta explains. “Also, I emphasize the importance of making time to spend with family and friends.”

Because most of Cincotta’s clients deal with anxiety and depression, he typically utilizes herbs and other supplements supported by research to further aid mental health alongside lifestyle basics. He also recommends certain “biohacks” such as blue-light blocking glasses, earthing (contacting the Earth’s surface electrons by walking barefoot outdoors), bioenergetics and more.

Cincotta firmly believes in treating each client as an individual and never forces anything upon them—he meets people where they’re at in life. He takes the time to truly analyze each person’s individual situation. “I think my clients enjoy having personalized recommendations for their own health problems, rather than blanket solutions,” he notes.

Often, Cincotta’s clients seek natural, non-pharmaceutical treatments instead of medications, but there are also situations in which he suggests treatments that people can take alongside their medications, if that is their preference.

Education is also a large component of Cincotta’s practice. He strives to help as many people as possible access resources for health optimization. His website contains originally written, research-backed detailed articles ( that anyone can access at no cost.

His self-published book, Depression in the Modern World: Why It’s Increasing and How To Overcome It Naturally, is available through Amazon. It offers a starting point for anyone looking to use natural remedies to manage depression. It is a combination of science, research and personal anecdotes.

Although Cincotta is a relatively new holistic practitioner, he’s excited to continue growing. “I see myself working to establish quality relationships with many more clients in the months and years to come,” he says. He plans to write more educational articles for various media outlets so that more people have access to valuable, accurate holistic health information. He may also pursue a doctorate in naturopathic medicine to gain even more experience and education to help his clients.

Jack Cincotta, holistic health practitioner, is located at N4147 W. Water St., Sullivan. For more information, call 920-650-7674, email [email protected] or visit