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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Readings By Celeste

Jan 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Celeste Lipsey
[email protected]

Products and Services Offered: Spiritual Tarot Readings (including remote readings), Spiritual Guidance, Enlightened Apparel

Areas of Specialty: Readings by Celeste offers Spiritual Counseling and Tarot Card Divination. A Tarot reading can inspire you to think in new ways and address situations, relationships, health problems, issues and conditions from a higher perspective.

Philosophy: Though the Tarot, I am able to help people make sense of their past, understand their present and assist them in making more informed decisions and choices about their future. It is my belief tarot divination illuminates the path into people’s snarled and messy lives and provides enlightenment by guiding me through the divine order of the cards, into the depths of their situation, condition or issue, and through symbolism and secret truths, I can investigate as well as determine what brought it on, the nature of the problem, the cause, what is needed, what needs to be eliminated, what energy is present, how to get past it and so much more.  

A Tarot reading can be used as a tool for personal exploration, spiritual growth, healing as well as education and enlightenment, and can assist in accessing one’s unconscious and aid in the revelation of latent powers and insights. I believe Tarot cards can start the conversation and increase understanding when it comes to facing change and things that may be suppressed or unaddressed.