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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

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Readings by Celeste

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Readings by Celeste

Readings by Celeste
Milwaukee, WI 53212

Who Am I?

✨I Am Rev. Celeste Lipsey B.Msc

Wife, Mother, Oracle, and that no-nonsense, Tarot Reading Spiritual Counselor and Metaphysical Practitioner who delivers the insight and guidance you need from the Universe, through the cards with an informal free-flowing vibration, facilitating spiritual awakening.

I offer insight, through the tarot, with spiritual understanding to explain those aspects of your life which exist beyond the senses' ability to perceive.

I have the ability to tap into the energy around you and tell you how your past influences your present and future.

I use the tarot to focus the energy and allow my intuitive gifts to lead me through the reading, showing me any extra information that is helpful and provide you with guidance, direction, and insight to make wiser decisions and adjustments in your life for greater fulfillment and more freedom.

Meditation, intention and connection to the divine are all at work to provide you the information you need at this moment in time, even if you don't realize it.

A tarot reading is an information session, an unbiased view of your issue that opens up the portal for healing, understanding, resolution, and growth.

A tarot reading can take on the character of therapy as the healing emphasis on divination is along emotional, psychological, and spiritual lines.

Be it financial, business, employees, divorce, life purpose, career move, love life, next move, etc., the 👁insight, guidance, and information I communicate to you facilitate the positive advancement of your situation.

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