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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Neijia Arts, LLC

Jan 01, 2022 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Jim Janicik
GreenSquare Center, 6789 N Green Bay Ave, Glendale • 414-839-4315
[email protected]

Services Offered: Neijia Arts offers a wide variety of qigong, Tai Chi Chuan and other internal martial arts. The relaxed and mindful approach to movement gradually produces profound benefits for one’s mind, body and spirit.

Jim Janicik is a certified sixth-generation instructor of the traditional Yang family system of Tai Chi Chuan. He provides ancient Neijia programs that make a significant, positive impact for others living in today’s modern times.

Areas of Specialty: Ba Duan Jin is one of the oldest and most popular qigong sets, consisting of eight, easy-to-learn movements that can be practiced by all ages. These exercises provide excellent health benefits when practiced on a regular basis.

Yi Jin Jing consists of a set of 12 of the most challenging qigong exercises. It emphasizes a full range of stretching, turning and flexing of the tendons to improve strength and flexibility, a relaxed mind and peaceful spirit.

Tai Chi Chuan combines slow, relaxed, and intentional movement with coordinated breathing.  Sometimes referred to as “meditation in motion,” it is primarily used for the purposes of health, personal development and self-defense.

Head2Toe Bodyworks is a non-strenuous, relaxing, body and mind exercise program that helps middle-aged people and seniors reduce aches and pains across all areas of their body and increase balance, mobility and strength.

Philosophy: To integrate mind, body and spirit through movement and exercise programs that incorporate the relaxed and mindful approach of the ancient internal principles of Neijia.