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December 2021 Letter from Publisher

Dec 01, 2021 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek

Jordan Peschek, Publisher

Nearly two years ago, it seemed plausible that a couple weeks of lockdown could halt a pandemic. One year ago, we were still floundering in the swamp of global uncertainty. Today, that story still hasn’t changed. This wake-up call shook everything—from our supply chains to our Saturday night socials—like a summer storm shakes the branches off a willow tree in the backyard. Even after it appears that every loose twig has come down, another branch can fall. I write this with no intention of pessimism; rather, just the opposite. The holiday season is a beautiful time for reflection and gratitude, after all. What is the positive to be gained and the lesson to be learned from all of this?

Life is not simply about being happy. It is about embracing all of the natural, unavoidable highs and lows that make up our human existence. Life is not about shying away from adversity or anxiety. It is about acknowledging these nudges from the Universe that implore us to dig a little deeper, to learn, to grow. Without darkness there is no light. And without adversity, we might not see all of the joy, gratitude, excitement, love, passion and beauty that life also provides to us.

Even if we do fully overcome this COVID roller coaster, there will be another trial awaiting us. Whether it’s an individual, community or global obstacle, there will always be another challenge that shakes us off-kilter, adds tension to a relationship or increases societal anxiety.

If the goal is to lead the healthiest, happiest and most loving and impactful life despite continual woes, I suppose letting go of expectations is a good place to start. It is idealistic and improbable to think that we can achieve a life that is always easy and upbeat. We are here now. So let us embrace this one and only life, fallen branches and all.

Even if we as individuals can’t change the whole world, it is absolutely within our power to change our corner of the world. To do so requires many conscious choices, such as those needed to take care of ourselves—body, mind and spirit—as well as to serve love to our closest companions. It involves giving what we can to others that are doing good works, locally and globally.

No matter how minute or massive, it all adds up. Whether you choose to pack your child a low-sugar lunch or lobby for healthier school lunch programs, or whether you plant one tree or devote your life to rainforest reforestation efforts, these energies are not lost. Every hug given, thank you card sent, deep breath taken and forgiveness offered spreads ripples of love and betterment.

Sending you love and light this holiday season,

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN, Publisher