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Tree Climbing Classes Benefit Physical and Mental Health

Feb 26, 2021 08:30AM ● By Jordan Peschek
“People continue to search for ways to get outdoors for physical activity and to connect with nature,” states Curt Andrews, owner and senior instructor at Treetop Explorer and board-certified Master Arborist. Andrews has been climbing trees professionally for 25 years. He says, “Recreational tree climbing has been growing in popularity around the world, and like many outdoor activities, interest in our climbing programs spiked in 2020.”

In response to public demand for the Beginning Tree Climbing two-day class, Treetop Explorer has expanded class offerings for this year. Classes are appropriate for individuals that are looking to get into climbing as a recreational activity, as well as students that are interested in broadening their skillset for work in the tree care industry.

The classes, for ages 18 and up, take place from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The spring class schedule includes the following dates: March 6 and 7, April 12 and 13, April 24 and 25, May 8 and 9, and June 19 and 20. All equipment is included, and students receive a manual for beginning tree climbers. Mornings will be held inside in the training center and afternoons will be spent outside climbing trees. Class size is limited and facemasks are required inside and when distance cannot be maintained outside.

“Research shows that tree climbing not only provides tremendous physical fitness benefits, it also has been shown to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, and improves psychological health and well-being,” explains Andrews. “Tree climbing is an exciting and energizing way to detach from the stresses of your day, find peace and establish new connections to yourself, nature and others.”

Cost: $525. Location: 620 Maple Ave., Waukesha. For more info, call 262-894-4949, email [email protected] or visit