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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

New Book is a Protocol for Mind, Body and Soul Healing

Veteran Brookfield-based healer Peig Myota has released her new book, The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness: A Protocol for Mind, Body, Soul Healing, a comprehensive guide for “modern mystics” to achieve advanced stages of healing and expanded consciousness. “The book is a vast departure from New Age hyperbole that relies on repetitious platitudes about how love can save the world,” Myota says. “I incorporate scientific research, metaphysical evidence and personal experiences that establish human beings were designed with the ability to heal themselves and achieve enlightened consciousness.”

The book is structured as a protocol for mind, body and soul healing that will guide readers on a path toward more inclusive love and awakened consciousness as an expression of soul-infused living. Myota has completed post-graduate study programs in cosolargy (the belief and study of how cosmic spiritual forces interact with the sun) and integral psychology, and she’s studied the science of light energy consciousness and frequency healing with internationally recognized professionals. She has advanced training in intuitive energy diagnosis, heart-centered healing, regression therapy and energy psychology, and is certified in soul genesis matrix reading and as a reiki master teacher. She is the owner of Wholistic Health Consulting.

The Power of Love and Awakened Consciousness: A Protocol for Mind, Body, Soul Healing is available through Amazon.

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