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Try Reiki at the VegOut Health Fest

Cindy Carlson

Cindy Carlson Reiki and Energy Healing will have a booth at FM 102.1’s VegOut Health Fest event, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturday, May 11, at the Miller High Life Theater in downtown Milwaukee. Attendees can sign up for 10-minute chair reiki sessions, allowing those new to reiki to experience this holistic healing technique. Carlson will also offer discounts and raffles for one-hour reiki treatments that may be used any time at her location in downtown Whitefish Bay.

“Reiki is becoming more mainstream and recognized in the medical community. It is now offered at many hospitals and clinics around the world,” Carlson says. “Reiki recognizes that our bodies are made up of very intelligent energy, and if this energy becomes blocked or stagnant, it may lead to physical or emotional problems. Reiki is very gentle and relaxes the mind and body so these energies can release and move freely again. Balancing the energy systems in our bodies leads to greater health and wellness.”

VegOut Health Fest: 500 W. Kilbourn Ave., Milwaukee. Cindy Carlson Reiki and Energy Healing is located at 121 E. Silver Spring Dr., Ste. 208, Whitefish Bay. For more information, call 414-758-0657 or visit

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