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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Thrive Holistic Medicine Expands Colon Hydrotherapy

Thrive holistic medicine now offers coffee enemas as an add-on to colon hydrotherapy services. “Coffee enemas are highly beneficial for liver detoxification,” explains Dr. Mary Simon, a naturopathic doctor and owner of Thrive Holistic Medicine. “The coffee is absorbed into the portal vein, which goes straight to the liver. It increases your body’s production of glutathione, an important enzyme that helps neutralize toxins. Additionally, coffee enemas cause the bile ducts to open up so that the liver and gall bladder can purge toxins.”

This gentle yet powerful therapy can help reduce inflammation; increase energy, mental clarity, focus and mood, and improve digestive ailments such as parasites, candida and hemorrhoids. Thrive uses a specific type of U.S. Department of Agriculture-certified organic coffee that is intended for enemas, ensuring the quality and efficacy of the treatment.

Cassondra Klein is a certified colon hydrotherapist with over five years of professional experience and 10 years of personal experience with colonics. She works alongside and in collaboration with Simon to address health from all aspects.

Location: 1428 N. Farwell Ave., Milwaukee. For more information, call 414-278-8922 or visit