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Can Crystals Really Heal?

Nov 26, 2014 05:01PM ● By Diane Bloom

Before allopathic medicine became the norm, civilizations used gemstones, herbs and oils for healing. The use of crystals for rituals and healing dates back to the ancient Sumerians, followed by the Greeks, Egyptians and Chinese, and then the Druids, the Wiccans and many others. The sacred texts of most religions mention the use of gemstones, and authors including Hildegard von Binghen, Arnoldus Saxo and John Mandeville all wrote about the healing qualities of stones. The question is whether or not there is a science behind the use of crystals and physical healing.

The Energy and Science of Crystals

Crystals form in the ground through a combination of water, heat and pressure, the latter being a source of piezoelectric energy, which is the electric current produced by some crystals and ceramic materials when they are subjected to mechanical pressure.

In 1880, scientists Jacque and Pierre Curie first demonstrated that quartz crystals have a unique ability to convert electrical energy to mechanical energy and vice versa. They showed that quartz crystals have the ability to receive, process and transmit precise vibrations, which is how many of our modern technological devices are powered. This is called the piezoelectric effect.

Since then, scientists have also found that quartz crystals are capable of receiving and transmitting energy that can store, amplify, transfer and transform other vibrational frequencies of energy in the form of precise, periodic pulses. Computers, digital watches, radios, sonar, cigarette lighters, electric guitars and electrical units in cars and satellites all operate because of crystalline energy.

In his book, Vibrational Medicine, physician Richard Gerber states, “The crystalline structure will respond in unique and precise ways to a wide spectrum of energies, including heat, light, pressure, sound, electricity, gamma rays, microwaves, bioelectricity and even the energies of consciousness. In response to these varying energetic inputs, the molecular structure of the crystal will undergo particular modes of oscillation, thereby creating specific vibratory frequencies of energy transmission.”

Crystals and Healing

Free Spirit CrystalsAccording to the theory of energy healing, when we are not in touch with our feelings, our thoughts and our spiritual connection, our energy field becomes misaligned, causing physical discomfort and even illness. Healing is not simply a physical act, and the resonance of crystals works on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels to assist us in understanding the nature of our diseases and discomforts. The ability of crystals to assist us with our own awareness is a fundamental factor in how they help us heal.

Renowned IBM research scientist and crystal healer Marcel Vogel points out, “The crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance.” The crystal seems to have an almost innate intelligence that helps it to amplify and direct this energy of perfect balance toward the areas of the physical body where energy is stagnant, thereby helping balance the energy system and create healing where it is needed.

Vogel explained how transferring thought forms into crystals can help with healing: “Although the crystal may be used for ‘mind-to-mind’ communication, its higher purpose… is in the service of humanity for the removal of pain and suffering. With proper training, a healer can release negative thought forms which have taken shape as disease patterns in a patient’s physical body.”

The key concept Vogel presented is that the quartz crystal is capable of amplifying and directing the natural energies of the healer. The subtle energies of the healer’s field become focused and coherent, in a manner similar to a laser, according to Gerber.

Healing is not simply about curing a pain or disease. True healing unlocks the blocks that prevent us from letting go of the past in order to live in the present moment. Because crystals are pure thought forms and pure energy, they allow us the gift of a pathway by which we can direct our lives to a more perfect union with the universal consciousness and experience a joyful, complete existence.

Diane Bloom
Diane Bloom is the owner of Free Spirit Crystals, located at 4763 N. 124th St., in Butler. For more information, call 262-790-0748, email [email protected] or visit


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