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H2O Energy Flow: You Are What You Drink

Jun 02, 2014 04:22PM ● By Lauressa Nelson

At age 50, Mark Bublitz chose to reexamine his lifestyle. “I had always been active, and I was not feeling bad or having health problems, so it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with high cholesterol that I decided to get on a healthier path,” says the newfound entrepreneur.

He started spending more time at a local health food store, Karen’s Energy, in West Bend, where he met the owner, Karen Urbanek, a local natural health and nutrition guru. With Urbanek as his teacher, in 2013, Bublitz became a certified therapeutic nutritional counselor through the Association of Natural Health. The two things that he thought about least in his former life have had the biggest effect on his new direction: energy and water.

“Up until the high cholesterol diagnosis, I ate the standard American diet,” says Bublitz. “Soon, the doctor wanted to put me on medication for high blood pressure. I found out that the increase in blood pressure may have been due to the cholesterol medication. In the conventional medical model, it seemed like one pill leads to another until you have a basketful.” That realization led him to seek alternatives. “Unlike the conventional medical model, the holistic approach looks at a person’s lifestyle,” he explains.

H2O Energy Flow WaterWhile studying with Urbanek, Bublitz became intrigued with special water sold at her store, water imbued with high-frequency energy. After some research, he began bottling the water under the name H2O Energy Flow. “At the health food store, I encountered a brochure about this water that had been run through a system that energized it and made it better for hydration,” he recalls. “I learned that the systems were being installed on farms, and that the plants fed water from the system grew bigger and healthier; the cows drinking it produced more milk. At first, I was skeptical, but I stuck with it and saw the results to be true.”

Bublitz explains that the water itself starts out with nature’s energy because it is drawn from a local spring. Then, a proprietary method is used to energize the water’s minerals and break down its molecules so that it can penetrate into the body’s cells more readily. He describes the process as “frequency imprinting”, meaning that the water picks up the energy frequencies from the proprietary sources to which it is exposed. The concept is largely derived from the work of Masaru Emoto, a doctor of alternative medicine who became known for the book Messages from Water, which suggests that consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

The concept made sense to Bublitz, who already had an interest in energy frequencies through his education with the Association of Natural Health. Realizing that bottling the water would enable many more people to enjoy its benefits, he worked with the creator of the water frequency imprinting system, who lives in Pennsylvania, as well as local bottlers to develop H2O Energy Flow.

Bublitz supports his enthusiasm for the water with accounts from Dr. Fereydoon Batmanghelidj (“Dr. Batman”), an Iranian physician and the author of the book Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, which asserts that chronic dehydration is the root cause of all physical disease and that many degenerative diseases can be prevented and treated by increasing water intake.

H2O Energy Flow WaterBublitz cites testimonials and positive feedback as evidence of the water’s benefits, which he says are unique to each individual that tries it. “Most people don’t drink enough water and instead drink things that dehydrate them,” he notes. “They don’t realize that you are not just what you eat; you are what you drink, too. I want to promote the importance of drinking water, in general; for instance, to help kids choose water first, rather than soda.”

Currently a one-man company, Bublitz delivers H2O Energy Flow to homes and businesses in the Metro Milwaukee area and Madison. The frequency-imprinted water comes in both spring and distilled versions, and is bottled in two sizes of BPA-free plastic, 16.9 ounces and five gallons. As Bublitz builds a market, he intends to expand his distribution, making H2O Energy Flow available to people in other areas.

For more information, including delivery, call 888-602-6568 or visit