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New Bottled Water Supports Energy and Balance

H2O Energy Flow is a new bottled water asserted to retain its health benefits after bottling and to help balance the body’s systems for optimal performance. H2O Energy Flow can be purchased at Karen’s Energy, in West Bend, or delivered to any home or office.

“Not all water is equal,” says company owner Mark Bublitz. “Water is supposed to be a source of energy, just like the food you eat. Most municipal and filtered water has been stripped of any energy and is energetically dead. Nature supplies water with energetic frequencies as it flows along the ground in its natural state. H2O Energy Flow is bottled from a natural spring source and is energized through an all-natural process that specializes in frequency imprinting of water.”

Location: 1427 W. Washington Ave. For home or office delivery, call 888-602-6568 or email [email protected]. For more information and to register for a monthly e-newsletter, visit

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