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Terry Humphrey, True Wholeness Healing: A Life Dedicated to Children’s Health

Nov 01, 2013 03:20PM ● By Sheila Julson

Terry Humphrey

Before she founded True Wholeness Healing, Terri Humphrey worked for 30 years with children and families as a pediatric nurse. When the job put her under great stress, she discovered the benefits of Reiki healing and immersed herself in the study of the body’s energy flow.

One of 12 children, Humphrey grew up on a dairy farm in Brillion. “We could form our own baseball team,” Humphrey recalls fondly. The older siblings helped care for the younger kids as they roamed and played on the spacious property, and the lively household bustled with experiences that revolved around kids.

When Humphrey was 19 years old, she was certain that she wanted to work with children, so she moved to Milwaukee and began working at Children’s Hospital in the orthopedic medical unit. She later worked in the emergency room, helping children’s parents through crises.

Humphrey earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Concordia University and went on to work as a pediatric nurse in several clinics, children’s home care, a school and a Head Start program in Waukesha. “Around 2011, I went through a really challenging time at work,” Humphrey says about why she decided to pursue alternative healing, “I tried massage, but massage wasn’t going to do it. I needed something more.”

After doing a great deal of research, she discovered Reiki, a Japanese healing technique that focuses on stress reduction and relaxation, and sought out Reiki practitioner Susie Raymond. After just a few sessions, Humphrey became enchanted with the technique and its results. “I thought, ‘Oh my, this is so incredible. I have to learn this,’” she recalls. By coincidence, Raymond began teaching Reiki around that same time. Humphrey became an enthusiastic student, eventually pursuing certification as a Reiki master.

“Once I started learning Reiki, I became interested in other aspects of energy healing. I was amazed by how dramatically things can improve within a short period of time,” Humphrey explains. Further research led her to Dr. Eric Pearl, author of The Reconnection. She went to California where, under Pearl’s instruction, she became a Reconnective Healing practitioner.

Although she wasn’t seeking a career change initially, her passion for Reconnective Healing inspired her to open a private practice last January. “I resigned from my nursing position and decided that this is what I need to do. I can make a much bigger difference doing this than I can in nursing,” Humphrey affirms.

A session begins with a short discussion while the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. As the client continues to lie still, Humphrey begins the non-invasive healing method of interacting with the body’s energy field, which she says is deeply relaxing to most people within the first few minutes. Clients are able to maintain a sense of awareness and often say that they can feel the energy flowing through the body.

“Some people feel warmth or a little bit of coolness and notice the transition in the body while energy is doing its work,” Humphrey states. After a session, which averages about 45 minutes, she informs the client where she noticed blocked energy and to what the blockage might be related. She also gives suggestions that clients can incorporate into their lives to keep them healthy and functioning, such as limiting the intake of artificial ingredients. “Caffeine and artificial ingredients in foods interfere with the energy flow of the body.”

Humphrey treats adults and children, and stresses that Reconnective Healing can be used to address physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns. She emphasizes that children suffering from depression, anxiety, ADHD or difficulties in school can also benefit from Reconnective Healing. “Today’s children have different challenges than past generations and live in a more violent world,” Humphrey observes. “After a Reconnective Healing session, a child is very receptive to using his or her voice to problem-solve if they’re having an issue with someone who is challenging. It’s all about empowering people.”

Humphrey says positive change can happen within two to three sessions. She has noticed an increase in the public awareness of energy healing, as well. “People seem to want to get away from just taking drugs,” suggests Humphrey. “Two-thirds of the clients I see have never tried any form of alternative health care before. They’re brand-new to it and are often surprised by how quickly things can improve.”

Humphrey’s passion for making a difference in people’s lives continues at True Wholeness Healing. “I love working with and helping children and parents.”

True Wholeness Healing is located at 121 E. Silver Spring Dr., Ste. 204, in Whitefish Bay. For more information, call 414-243-9851 or visit

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