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Book Honors Jim Morningstar, Transformational Mentor and Workplace Wellness Pioneer

Jim Morningstar

Men We Love is a photojournalistic book celebrating the many good men that inspire us and make us better people. It is produced annually as a fundraiser for the Alma Center, Inc., a not-for-profit agency in Milwaukee dedicated to eliminating violence and abuse in intimate relationships, family and community.

This year’s book includes Jim Morningstar, Ph.D., a well-known, local clinical psychologist whose passion has been to discover and teach the best tools for integrating personal healing, wellness, responsibility and growth. Thousands of area residents have found their paths to self-actualization and thriving careers through Transformations: The School of Integrative Psychology, which he founded in 1983.

In partnership with like-minded colleagues, Morningstar is working to build a new model for well-being in our community. In 2008, Morningstar founded InWellness, a company that brings assessment, coaching, education and whole-person employee wellness programs to area employers.

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