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Koha Flying Yoga Comes to Wisconsin

Koha Flying Yoga is a blend of partner yoga, acrobatics and partner Thai massage. Koha Yoga’s I Can Fly workshops teach anyone that they can soar, float and fly, simply by using the power of their own breath and another person. Launched in Los Angeles, Koha Yoga flying yoga workshops are coming to Wisconsin locations this summer.

In Koha Yoga, one partner (the flyer) is supported in aerial asanas and inversions. The inverted poses can be combined with massage to create a therapeutic experience, allowing the spine of the flyer to open and stretch, while the base (the person supporting the flyer) receives a strengthening exercise. Classes and workshops scheduled in the area include the following:

• Flying Yoga class, 9 a.m., July 8, at Lululemon Athletica, 322 North Water Street, Milwaukee.

• Super Fly six-hour intensive workshop, 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., July 14, at Invivo Wellness, 2060 North Humboldt Avenue, Suite 300, Milwaukee.

• Flying Yoga classes, 6 p.m., July 12, 19 and 26, at Movement Center Pewaukee, 161 West Wisconsin Avenue, Pewaukee.

• Flying Yoga workshop, 6 p.m., August 1, at The Soul Source, West Bend.

“Remember when you were a child and you became superman?” asks cocreator Sara Laimon Luke. “When your mother or father lifted you up on their feet, you spread your arms wide and kept begging for more.” Luke says Koha Yoga helps individuals realize that they can fly, be kids again and recreate their story about who they are.

For more information, call Sara Laimon Luke at 310-940-1626, email [email protected] or visit