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Hypnotherapist Patricia Lawn Introduces New Breath Therapy

Patricia Lawn

“Many people are searching for a healing modality that provides release and resolution of issues and concerns that they are facing,” notes hypnotherapist Patricia Lawn. “Integral Breath Therapy provides a process to do this so that people can live more fully and freely.” Lawn will begin taking referrals for Integral Breath Therapy at the end of June.

“Integral Breath Therapy is a composite modality that uses breath work as a support for the various processes, exercises and inner explorations,” says Carol Lampman, who developed training in Breath Therapy and Integration Process Therapy for health care professionals. “It is a highly personal, experiential process that uses breathing techniques to clear out physical, mental and emotional blocks or stresses.”

Eight to 10 sessions are recommended for personal growth and development, stress management and spiritual unfoldment. Breath work is a useful tool for bringing about positive life changes. The first appointment is about two hours long, with follow-up sessions being an hour-and-a-half.

Cost: For a limited time, Lawn will be providing eight sessions at the discounted cost of $499.99. Location: S88W32000 McCarthy Dr., Mukwonago. For more information, call 262-363-5179, email [email protected] or visit