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Wisconsin Company Turns Palm Leaves into Disposable Dinnerware

Biodegradable materials are making inroads in our lives as we seek to live in better harmony with our environment, but sometimes these materials result in more concerns than assurance. Intended to be disposable, the dinnerware products from Arthware are not just environmentally friendly; they are made from only earthen materials, and therefore do not need any help degrading back to Earth. In fact, they naturally degrade in less than three months after disposal, but have a dry-storage shelf life of two years. No energy or resources are used to create the material, which comes from fallen Areca palm leaves. No chemicals, agents or oils need to be used in processing; only water, heat and pressure.

The attractive dinnerware is comparable to plastic plates in sturdiness and acts as a natural insulator for warm foods. It can hold liquids, withstand the microwave for up to two minutes and conventional ovens up to 350 degrees for 45 minutes, lasts through overnight storage in the refrigerator and can be gently reused up to 20 times.

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