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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

New Matrix Energetics Healing Practice in Brookfield

Debra Mater, Ph.D., has opened a healing practice, applying the new science of Matrix Energetics, which is based on the principles of quantum and torsion field physics, along with the theory that one’s physical, mental and emotional realities are essentially set in fields of “in-form-ation” that unconsciously shape our thoughts, behaviors and the structure and functioning of our physical bodies. A Matrix Energetics session is intended to release the dysfunctional patterns of information that reside in a person’s field, in order to make way for more benign, supportive patterns to take their place. To introduce the service, Mater is offering 20 percent off the regular price of initial visits for the month of February.

“It can be very liberating and transformative, sometimes yielding shifts in a matter of minutes,” says Mater,” adding that the guiding principle of Matrix Energetics, “is one that aligns with the timeless message of all mystical teachings. Its ultimate goal is to help one discover his or her true unlimited nature. It is within this nature that we all find greater joy, love, peace and health.”

Over the past 12 years, Mater has explored the topic of mysticism and the new sciences; she has also studied Sufism, one of the ancient mystical traditions, for many years. Her life’s passion is to help expand people’s awareness of what is possible.

Location: 675 Brookfield Rd., Brookfield. For more information, call 414-333-9109 or email [email protected].