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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Ananda-Based Living Program Starting at Aspire Wellness

Aspire Wellness & Lifestyle Center will launch a new program, Ananda-Based Living—a series of workshops, lectures and personal coaching sessions designed to help individuals define and increase bliss in their lives. This powerful curriculum—named for the Sanskrit word ananda, which translates as “bliss”—combines strategies and philosophies that have been tested throughout the world.

The program includes a four-hour kick-off group workshop; two 45-minute group lecture forums; six individual 30-minute Ananda coaching sessions (biweekly for three months). This package, valued at a total of $729, will be offered to Natural Awakenings readers for a limited time at $499.

The four-hour workshop, March 3, is intended to help participants unravel struggles and perceptions in their current lives and create a plan of action for attaining an Ananda-based life. There, attendees will be given the agenda for the upcoming lectures and will schedule their individual sessions. Space is limited to 15 participants.

Location: 216 Green Bay Rd., Ste. 109, Thiensville. For more information call 262-478-0030.