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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee

Enhancing Balance with New Tai Chi Fundamentals Program

T'ai chi ch'uan, now commonly called tai chi, is a combination of meditation and martial arts practiced as a slow, graceful form of healthy exercise. Patricia and Michael Culotti, owners of Enhancing Balance, teach classes and seminars in the Tai Chi Fundamentals (TCF) program at various locations throughout Milwaukee, Madison and Waukesha. This simplified, systematic approach for mastering tai chi basics builds from simple to complex patterns of movement.

When practiced on a daily basis, tai chi can help reduce stress and promote emotional well-being. A non-impact, weight-bearing exercise, it strengthens muscles, tendons and bones with minimal stress to the joints. Tai chi improves body awareness, postural alignment, coordination, strength and flexibility. Moderately aerobic, this practice can enhance cardiovascular health and circulation, reducing blood pressure.

TCF Levels 1, 2 and 3 training is offered throughout the year. TCF training provides a complete exercise program and solid basis for learning the more complex forms of traditional tai chi. A TCF professional training seminar will be held March 16 and 17, in Waukesha; continuing education credits for healthcare professionals are available.

For locations, registration and other information, call 262-662-1060, email [email protected] or visit