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Joyful Heart Wellness & Spirit Opens in Waukesha

Sara Joy

Joyful Heart Wellness & Spirit, a new healing center, has opened in Waukesha, providing energy work, life coaching, trauma release, guidance and intuitive readings. Owner Sara Joy is one of only nine Meridian Energetics practitioners in the world, having completed a unique nine-month training and certification course, offering a solution to physical, emotional, mental and social issues. Many clients have seen permanent relief from pain and inflammatory problems, as well as anxiety, stress, imbalance and communication issues. Joyful Heart Wellness & Spirit is available for private or group sessions. In February, class topics will include Increasing Your Intuition, Meeting Your Spirit Guides and Emotional Release.

Joy describes her work as “an energetic chiropractor, helping clients feel relief by fixing the root of their problem, leaving them feeling relief, calm, grounded and more balanced.”

An initial session with Joy costs $100, including a consultation and the first treatment. Additional sessions are $60. Location: 2312 N Grandview Blvd, Ste. 205, Waukesha. For more information, call 262-361-2555, email [email protected] or visit