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Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts

Nov 28, 2011 09:44PM ● By Beth Davis

Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts

Sheri Bauer, owner of Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts, seemingly had it all—that is, until she realized she wasn’t fulfilled. She had spent years in middle management, working in public relations and marketing, and then moved on to become the director of career services for a college. Here, she mentored students and helped them understand that everything they were doing in that moment was laying the foundation for their future. As time went on, she began to feel as if this world in which she was working was really more about money than nurturing people—a concept that was contrary to her true core belief system.

Around the same time, she began experiencing some health issues. Nearly every day, she was tired, achy and suffered from headaches and chest pains. Some days, she could barely get out of bed in the morning. She went from doctor to doctor trying to find answers, only to be given a variety of diagnoses.

Although it would have been easy to accept the medical opinions and begin taking the recommended medications, there was something inside of Bauer that told her she needed to look deeper into the connection between mind, body and spirit for answers.

Bauer says she had always been interested in alternative healing modalities and energy work; she took her first energy healing class in a church basement in 1981. From there, she took as many classes as she could in herbal studies, Tai chi, qigong and Reiki—meeting some incredible teachers and mentors along the way.

“I knew it was time to practice and apply what I had learned over the years in order to help myself,” says Bauer. And she did. Within three months, she had balanced her energy system and restored her health, using the knowledge she had gained from her study of nutritional, natural and alternative remedies. It was during this time she realized that although she had followed all the traditional steps, she hadn’t yet found her inner passion.

“I have always had spiritual experiences—even as a kid,” she explains. “I always felt that I was on a journey led forward by angel guides and therefore, always looked beyond for more meaning.” This time, she knew it meant the end of her traditional career path, but also the beginning of a new and wonderful journey.

In 2006, she opened Angel Light Center for the Healing Arts. Her vision from the beginning, she says, was to create a space where people could learn about their own spiritual

Angel Light Staff: (left-right) Tracy Gamsky, Sheri Bauer and Carmen Tracy
Angel Light Staff: (left-right) Tracy Gamsky, Sheri Bauer and Carmen Tracy
development and self-healing. The foundation of the Center was based on Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

“I wanted to create Angel Light as a microcosm of a better world; therefore, my mission was to create a place of community, compassion and learning,” says Bauer. “A place where no matter your race, religion, culture or economic status, there is no judgment—only support along the path.”

Today, Angel Light has grown to offer education, products and services related to health, the healing arts and spiritual development. It has a boutique featuring unique, handcrafted items such as fabric and hand knit accessories, decorated boxes, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and art depicting fairies and angels. The boutique also carries a large variety of crystals, inspirational books, CDs, essential oils, candles and soap. Services at Angel Light include Reiki, acupuncture and therapeutic bodywork, such as massage and reflexology. Bauer says the Center will soon add coaching and counseling to its list of services.

Education is an important part of the Center’s mission. With that in mind, Bauer established the Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine (AHSEM) at Angel Light to provide a viable professional education to individuals interested in learning about self-healing, client healing or who wish to become highly knowledgeable teachers. The goal of AHSEM, says Bauer, is to provide education to the highest degree and guide each student on his or her own individual path—whatever that may be.

Bauer notes that the AHSEM program is the first of its kind in the metro Milwaukee community and has many certificate and diplomate programs designed for those interested in the different areas of energy healing. Programs include Chakra Healing, Quantum Energy, Crystal Therapy, Vibrational Medicine and more. A comprehensive Reiki program is available, as well as courses in spiritual development and meditation.

Looking back, Bauer appreciates her own path and recognizes that it was all in preparation for what she is doing today. “I know that this is my mission and my journey. I am so grateful to do what I passionately love. I get to be a catalyst or a small speck of light—angel light—for people to help them move past their own challenges. What a gift.”


Location: 13300 Watertown Plank Rd., Elm Grove. For more information, call 262-787-3001 or visit