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Healing Arts Classes Forming at Free Spirit

Free Spirit School begins a new series of classes the weekend of September 17 and 18 that continues one weekend a month for four months, each class comprising three modules. Cost is $250 per weekend and includes grounding, movement, yoga, meditation and table work.

Free Spirit School uniquely combines the basics of energy healing, bioenergetics, myriad healing modalities, character structures and the teachings of the The Four Agreements with crystal/stone healing. Students learn about the inner landscape of their lives, as well as how to do healing work, in order to make a positive shift in the world.

Classes are taught by Rose Koremenos and Diane Bloom, who share 50 years of experience in the healing arts. They comment, “We believe that this is a critical period in the evolution of our planet. Each of us needs to take personal responsibility to assist in the spiritual healing growth of our world community; the more we each grow individually, the greater the opportunity we have to help the whole. Our school is about evolution of the individual spirit. The more people that participate in the process of global spiritual growth, the greater our chance to make a difference for everyone.”

Location: Free Spirit Crystals, 4763 N. 124th St., Butler 53007. For more information call 414-534-1578, email [email protected] or visit

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