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Nature’s Ways: New Eco-Psychotherapy Book by Philip Chard

Philip Chard, a psychotherapist who has written the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column, “Out of my Mind,” for the past 25 years, has released a new book, Nature’s Ways: Experiencing the Sacred in the Natural World, that illustrates how nature has the power to heal and change lives.

Nature’s Ways intends to show readers that one of the best medicines for healing the body, mind, spirit, and emotions involves active participation with the natural world. Chard’s vivid stories are meant to inspire readers to connect with the environment in a deep and meaningful way. He illustrates that the more individuals involve themselves with nature on its own terms and learn and understand its language, the more likely they can move towards deeper levels of healing, peace, love, balance, and respect—all vital to complete well-being.

Chard is an acclaimed speaker and has appeared on numerous national media outlets including 20/20. His first book, The Healing Earth, which won the Midwest Publishers Association 1995 Award for Best Self-Help Book, garnered critical acclaim and is considered groundbreaking work in eco-psychology.

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