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August 2011 Publisher's Letter

This evening, as my family and I enjoyed our daily walk, I became lost in thought, reflecting on what I might write about in this month’s letter. Given the issue’s theme of Vibrant Children, I decided to ask the most kid-knowledgeable person I know, my 7-year old son, Yonatan.

He jumped at the chance to say: “You should write that kids are smarter than grown-ups!” I burst out laughing, agreeing whole-heartedly, and asked for clarification. When this young heart responded, “Because kids know how to have fun, and grownups don’t,” I came up short at his insight. He then grabbed me by the hand, insisting that we skip along our walk. After all, skipping is one of the fun things that kids do. So we held hands and skipped along, laughing, out of breath, and filled with utter joy and delight.

Next, we slowed to a near-unbearably slow crawl as my nature-loving son stopped to admire every flower, stick, stray leaf, insect and occasional dog that came his way. I had no choice but to let go of my agenda, schedule and looming to-do list, and to instead surrender to the pace set by his endless appreciation and wonder at the world around him as I contemplated how much adults must miss as we rush through our intentionally busy days.

So I’m thrilled to share our interview with Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, in this month's issue. He points out the many benefits of consciously bringing more nature into our families’ lives and making sure that this generation of children reconnects with the green stuff that matters. How wonderful that Wisconsin has embraced the creation of sustainable school environments through the Green and Healthy Schools (GHS) program. More, Gerry Slater, who has been designing healthful play and learning spaces for children for three decades, clues us into the local wealth of outdoor resources and programs for kids.

Having travelled to many places around the world, I have concluded that no place equals the beauty of summer in Wisconsin. How blessed we are to be surrounded on all sides by nature that is both gentle and accessible. So, let’s agree to unplug now and then, and take time to reconnect with nature, our families and our inner-child heart. We too can experience the wonders and joys of limitless possibilities every day.

In love, joy, health and peace,

Gabriella Buchnik, Publisher

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