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Mindfulness of Eating

Mindfulness of Eating

Facilitator: Mary Evangelista

Donation: $35

Eating is a non-negotiable activity that we all participate in every, single day!

Come and discover how practicing mindful eating can make it a joyful experience that connects us with a profound sense of gratitude for the abundance of food in our world. We will also consider how eating is integral to our overall good health and well-being. The Mindfulness of Eating will help you explore your approach to what you eat, how you prepare your food, and how you can be more intentional about making “time to eat” a space for appreciation and delight, at least three times a day!

The workshop includes a meditative reflection, group interaction, and a discussion about why the way we eat has significant effects on our mood and our physical condition.

If you want meal times to be a more pleasant time for nurturing your mind, body and spirit, then come and see how practicing mindful eating can make it so!

Light refreshments will be served in an exercise to illustrate the many benefits to slow, attentive eating.

Date & Time

May 30, 2024

6:00PM - 8:00PM


A Place To Be Spirituality Center - 166 W. Dekora St., Saukville, WI, 53080 166 W. Dekora St. Saukville 53080 WI US

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Donation $35

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