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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

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Diane Olson-Schmidt

Lacewing Garden Consulting and Design

6087 N Denmark St.
Milwaukee, WI 53225

Garden Consultation, Instruction, Landscape Land Eco-Planning. Naturalized & Habitat Gardens that Attract Butterflies, Hummingbirds, Beneficial Insects & Pollinators, Creating a whole ecosystem. Habitat Gardens that include; Prairies, Woodland & Shade Gardens, Stream, River, and Lakeside Buffer zones, Rain Gardens, Pond & Water Gardens (including container water features). Organic maintenance, Pest & Disease control are also included.

We are a Conservation-minded business and believe in natural landscaping, using native plant species and some non-natives that are not invasive, and live a lifestyle that supports sustainable living. Winter Services (Nov.thru Mar),include Landscape Eco-Planning, Natural Gardening Talks & Classes. Eco-Landscape Planning/Design is customized to your eco-region, including native plants, & other plants that are non-invasive, Rain Gardens that hold runoff water to seep into the ground to replenish the groundwater, & Rain Barrels. Can go south/west to your yard during winter.