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Live Better Massage LLC dba Live Better Holistics

Live Better Holistics

850 Elm Grove Rd
ste 14
Elm Grove, WI 53122

Restore Balance, Practice Mindfulness, Leave Rejuvenated. Live Better Holistics provides traditional Thai Massage, also referred to as Thai yoga massage, or Nuad Boran is an ancient therapy dating back more than 2500 years ago to Shivago, a friend and physician to the Buddha. Thai massage increases flexibility and relieves tension. The Thai massage therapist skillfully takes the client through assisted yoga stretches, which are difficult to attain through individual practice or alternate exercise. Thai massage and acupressure techniques helps to restore balance and create homeostasis for overall health and well being.

Receive Reiki at LBH for deep relaxation to assist you on your journey toward inner peace and healing. Reiki is a subtle and gentle energy healing modality that is used in hospitals and private practices all around the world. Reiki is does not replace medical treatment but is often used in conjunction with it. Reiki is not a religion nor is it massage. A Reiki session will help facilitate relaxation and healing on physical, mental and emotional levels. It is holistic in body, mind and spirit and is used for personal wellness.