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Unlock Health Benefits of Qigong at the Savannah Conference

Jul 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
The National Qigong Association is proud to highlight the distinctive advantages of Qigong, a gentle, flowing exercise suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, including those with physical limitations. Often referred to as moving meditation, these softer movements are incredibly effective for health and well-being.

Unlike typical exercises involving heavy, rapid breathing, Qigong incorporates deep, slow breathing techniques that enhance oxygen intake, massage internal organs and reduce stress. These exercises help to promote energy flow, boost immune function, improve organ health and support overall well-being.

Qigong is ideal for improving flexibility and balance while fostering inner peace. As an accessible fitness option, it provides a gentle yet powerful way to enhance both physical and mental health.
Newcomers, beginners and experienced practitioners alike are invited to the National Qigong Association’s Annual Conference, taking place September 24 to 26 in Savannah, Georgia. The conference offers an excellent opportunity for attendees to delve into this ancient practice and will provide valuable insights into the transformative benefits of Qigong.

Readers are encouraged to visit to learn more about the event and register to attend. For further inquiries, contact Lauren Thomas at 888-815-1893 or email [email protected].