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An Easy Solution for Healthy Drinking Water with Water Filtration and Ionization

Jun 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Natural Awakenings Milwaukee
Jacqueline McVann, owner of Growing Roots Wellness, is a local Enagic and Multipure water filter distributor and Wellness Coach in the Milwaukee area. She is on a mission to bring clean and healthy drinking water back into people’s lives.

Just as clean, nourishing food is imperative to properly fuel our bodies, access to pure water is paramount for optimal hydration and overall health. Water has been the new hot topic these days and for a very good reason. Anyone who drinks from bottled water, tap water and lower-quality filtered water can be faced with a slew of toxins and chemicals, such as PFAs, arsenic, chloroform, chlorine, radium and much more. Sadly, the presence of these toxins in water can contribute to serious health conditions.

“By drinking electrolyzed, alkaline, hydrogen-rich water, we begin to restore our bodies foundation and create optimal wellness in our lives,” explains McVann. “Simply put, would you rather pay for your health now, or illness later?”

McVann began her deep dive into the importance of drinking electrolyzed, alkaline, hydrogen-rich water after her cat, Twilight, passed away due to an aggressive oral cancer. With the realization that life simply goes by in a blink of an eye, she wondered how she could begin to build a foundation that would provide optimal health and wellness back into her life. With the continuous research to figure out how she could change her life and others, she landed on a water gold mine. She now helps educate the community about holistic wellness and provides a leading industry water filter and ionizer that helps people to take charge of their health and help prevent health issues that can be impacted by the multitude of impurities in water.

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