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Reflexology: A Natural Alternative for Aches and Pains

Mar 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Linda Utecht
Reflexology is a type of energy medicine based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This non-invasive complementary therapy involves applying pressure to certain reflex areas of the feet, hands, face or ears. Reflexology is also referred to as regional therapy and reflex massage therapy.

The principle of reflexology is that there is a relationship between the internal organs and areas on the hands and feet. The January 2023 study “Foot Reflexology: Recent Research Trends and Prospects,” found on, explains the principle this way: “When various areas of the hands and feet are massaged, it can stimulate energy, blood, nutrition or nerves, resulting in therapeutic effects, including relieving mental stress, detoxifying the body, promoting blood circulation, losing weight, delaying aging and improving internal health.”

By stimulating areas of the feet, hands, face or ears, a reflexologist can help the body relax. This in turn can ease aches and pains throughout the back, neck, legs, shoulders and arms. Some reflexology clients report feelings of deep relaxation after treatment, akin to a whole-body massage.

Linda Utecht is the owner of Renewed You Reflexology, based in Milwaukee, WI. For information, call 414-852-7870 or visit