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Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine

March 2024 Natural Awakenings Milwaukee Magazine: Publisher Letter

Mar 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Jordan Peschek
A healthy daffodil bulb will grow one to three flowers the first spring, and more and more flowers will bloom in every year that follows.

We are like daffodil bulbs, with an endless capacity to spread beauty in the world so long as the conditions are right, and as long as we are strong and willing to do so. We each have the capacity to grow and produce a positive ripple out into the world.

My husband and I have recently married. I am blessed to have my best friend by my side to walk through life and to create positive ripples together. His patience and analytic mind balance my creative and buoyant nature on the surface, while our kind hearts nourish each other deeply in our core. We are both passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, being generous to our community and leaving positive marks on those we touch. We practice humility, honest communication  and embrace the ever-unfolding (and sometimes messy!) process of becoming better versions of ourselves.

He supports my drive to keep watering the ever-growing garden that is the Natural Awakenings Community. This is perhaps the biggest vessel through which we can positively influence the world. Our team, our readers and our advertising partners collectively ripple out seeds that are sown into a better world. Through education, empowerment and connection, we promote the powerful synergy of natural and ancient wisdom with cutting-edge modern medicine.

Through inspirational articles we are empowering tens of thousands of people every single month to be healthier and more informed. Through value-aligned marketing partnerships with local businesses of all sizes, we can support other leaders, their patients, clients and customers with natural, integrative and holistic wellness resources for “well-thier” living. Through our partnership with KnoWEwell, we shift the world toward one that embraces regenerative health as a foundational tenet for generational health.

Natural Awakenings has a mission to improve lives at an individual, community and global level. We thank you for supporting each other, supporting our advertisers and supporting the health of your mind, body, spirit and the planet.

Every seed sown, every bulb planted, has the capacity to grow and grow. We hope your garden blooms brightly this spring.

Jordan Peschek, RN-BSN