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Homeopathy Helps Highly Sensitive & Empathic People

Feb 01, 2024 12:00AM ● By Ashley Keul & Beth Bundy, CCH, BSN
For incredibly sensitive and perceptive people, being in the world can feel like it is all just too much. Sensory experiences are felt to the very core, the environment feels overstimulating—noise, light, odors, chemicals, touch—and it can overpower the nervous system. On top of all that, the suffering of the world around us often feels unbearable.

Because highly perceptive people feel others’ emotions and energy in such an intense way, it is difficult to maintain personal boundaries. This takes an immense amount of energy, leaving them feeling depleted, fatigued, and exhausted by the effort to maintain their personal space and sense of self. Highly perceptive people find themselves trying to numb out, to not feel, to escape the overloaded state of raw nerves.

Quite often, highly sensitive people are those in our lives who have the biggest hearts, give so much of themselves to others, and can be very intuitive. They wear their heart on their sleeve and feel others’ feelings intensely. Relationships can feel very challenging due to the deep sensitivity. Establishing sufficient alone time to re-center and re-charge is a requirement for health, and sometimes loved ones may not understand this need. For many, being in crowds or around even a few people can be extremely draining due to their unprotected energy system.

All of this overwhelm can begin to take a toll on the physical body. It may feel as if one’s inner spark has been dampened or snuffed out. There is so much energy demand to just keep functioning day to day. Frequent colds, digestive struggles, hair loss, migraines, and insomnia are just a few of the ways that this energetic overload can manifest in the body. There may be mysterious physical symptoms of unknown causes, leaving some feeling judged or not believed by their healthcare providers. Seeking help may become disheartening or frustrating.

For those who find that their highly sensitive nature leads to frequent feelings of anxiousness, overwhelm, fearfulness, mood swings, or deep sadness, homeopathic care can be a powerful and deeply healing modality. Homeopathy can offer profound, long-lasting improvements in the ability to be in the world comfortably, and most importantly, to thrive.

These descriptions above are all of lived experiences of highly sensitive people that are routinely shared with us in our homeopathic clinic. We listen deeply with unconditional loving presence and meet you exactly where you are. We utilize homeopathic remedies, sourced from nature, that respect your sensitivities and simultaneously help your own inner healer to build core resilience and greater capacity to live with more ease, less overwhelm, and more peace in your heart and spirit. Your sensitivity is your superpower. We help you to develop your ability to utilize your gifts with strength and confidence. You are an empathic individual with extraordinary gifts.

To those who feel they are highly sensitive, we want you to know you are not alone. We hear you, we see you, we are here for you.

For additional support for acute illness or injury, and to learn more about how homeopathy can help you with chronic conditions, please visit Ashley Keul and Beth Bundy, CCH, BSN, are the founders of Fieldwork Homeopathy, based in Sheboygan. Reach Ashley at 507-301-5904 or Beth at 507-321-1148.